Staghorn's Molotov Cocktail (a.k.a Toffee)

(GCH Kindspirit In The Beginning X Lorlyn's Tia Maria At Staghorn)

D.O.B.  November 22, 2017

OFA Excellent Hips, Elbows Normal, Eyes examined annually, Total clear on the PPG Labrador panel. Copper Toxicosis clear and carries the ATP7A PROTECTIVE gene.

Toffee is well named, because she's so sweet. She is a ringer for her mother, Tia. Tia is now retired and living with a wonderful family but one look into Toffee's eyes is like a look directly into Tia's. Toffee's sire is the wonderful Adam, (Ch Kindspirit's in the Beginning). Adam, proudly bred by myself and my dear friend Carla Vautour at Kindspirit Labradors in NB, is a lovely chocolate Cdn Champion and well on his way to his American title as well. Carla has done so well with Adam and we couldn't be prouder. Toffee is not a huge girl, but has a huge heart and we have high hopes for her here at Staghorn.

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