Ch. Staghorn's Queen of Soul (a.k.a Aretha)

(Ch. Epoch's Louis Vuitton of Castlegar X Skyland's Hidin' at Staghorn)

D.O.B.  January 11, 2008

Hips/Elbows Clear, Optigen Clear EIC non-affected carrier, CERF ACVO cleared annually Heart:

Our champion girl Aretha's coat is something one rarely sees. She has the true, coarse, double coat with a gentle wave down her back. Her tail is correctly wrapped and straight off her back. I think of her as my black chocolate. I am very proud of this girl. Aretha and her brother Beckham made themselves well known on the show circuit and we've received so many positive comments about them, especially regarding their excellent coats. They have true and effortless movement. Like Beckham, Aretha's a very happy, fun loving and like her dam (Heidi), a very kind dog. While all Labs are kind, Aretha is the epitome. She's a delight to own. I was thrilled when she attained all her clearances, including heart (echo/doppler) and her championship, (always breeder/owner handled) has really made me proud. She took a JAM under Sue Willumsen at the Eolba specialty, which I'm very proud of. Thanks Stephanie, it was great to stand back and watch her for a change. I'm quite proud to add her to the ranks of our Staghorn Girls.

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