Staghorn's Passport to Startop (a.k.a Portabella)

(Ch. Wilcare Leisure Suit Larry, WC X Skyland's Hidin' at Staghorn)

D.O.B.  June 29, 2008

OFA ExcellentHips/Elbows Clear, CERF ACVO cleared annually

Our "Portabella's" story is that of a Cinderella story. Since arriving back at Staghorn, her life is that of carefree days, Nylabones and playing the entire day away with her much loved yard-mate, Annie. Annie and she have become BFF's and favourite snugglers. Portabella is the kindest, gentlest soul ever. Upon her return, we had her groomed. The groomer gave her a report card and had high praise for her excellent behaviour and told us she had never enjoyed so many Labrador kisses and that if Portabella ever needed a home, she would be honoured to be considered for her. Then on to the vets for vaccinations, and again, she made a huge hit with the staff. A CERF clinic said "normal-normal" and on to hips and elbows and to our delight, she passed with OFA excellent hips and normal elbows. We couldn't have been happier to have our girl come home. She has not given us a lick of trouble and we are very proud to have her join the ranks of the girls of Staghorn. There's not a kinder, more grateful dog than Portabella. Rich dark chocolate, deep brown eyes, beautiful head, coat and bone. Her temperament is fabulous and her tail never stops wagging now. Sister to our Champion male, Zeke, and daughter of the lovely American Champion Dauber and our Heidi Senior, we were more than thrilled to say "WELCOME HOME". (See more pics of our happy girl, below.)

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