Staghorn's Resusci Annie (a.k.a Annie)

(Ch. Kriscoland Sensational' Al X Kriscoland's Plum Crazy)

D.O.B.  January 13, 2008

Hips and Elbows Clear, CERF cleared annually

Annie is very special to us here at Staghorn. Born with no signs of life, I performed CPR on Annie for 40 or more minutes and just when I was about to give up with a heavy heart, I heard the tiniest little squeek coming from her and of course, this encouraged me immensely, and with a new and excited vigor, I was able to bring life to little Annie. From the beginning, Annie has owned my heart. Named for the CPR training doll, she definitely is a DOLL. She's never given me a lick of trouble and just keeps wagging that lovely tail of hers. I love her butterscotch colouring. She has matured quite nicely and is well put together. I never cease to catch my breath in amazement whenever I look at Annie and think of the little lifeless puppy in my hands, who's so vibrant and lovely today. You can imagine my joy when she cleared all her clearances. Annie is the type of dog and has the temperament and trainability that people look for in a Labrador female.

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