Staghorn's Smoke And Mirrors (a.k.a Chloe)

(Ch Staghorn's Hide And Go Zeke X Ch Staghorn's Reflection CGN)

D.O.B.  March 28, 2018

OFA Good Hips, Elbows Normal, Eyes examined annually, CNM, DM, EIC, HPNK, MCD, RD1 and SD2 Clear. Non affected PRA carrier. . Copper Toxicosis clear and carries the ATP7A PROTECTIVE gene.

Chloe is the absolute life of the party. Always ready for a good time, she’s as kind and sweet as the day is long and extremely keen to learn new fun things, our girlie is both beauty and brains in a solid package. So much like her mother Lexi, it’s easy to see that these traits have carried on with this wonderful chocolate family of ours. In addition to stealing your heart, she’ll steal your socks or mittens/gloves and there’s not a Kleenex she doesn’t love, either. She’s just a real fun dog to have around!

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