Ch. Staghorn's Rubicon Riley (a.k.a Riley)

(Ch. Staghorn's Prodigal Son X Belquest Victory at Staghorn)

D.O.B.  March 7, 2005

CERF cleared, hips and elbows pending.

Riley is a very handsome, happy and outgoing boy who lives with our good friends, Linda and Cindy. Like his sire, Riley believes that life is just one big party. His chocolate canine housemate is Shamus (Staghorn's Shamus Owen) and the two are very best buds. Linda and Cindy are excellent owners, keep them in perfect condition and enjoyed attending the dog shows where Riley easily attained his Canadian Championship. When spectators at the show met McDuff and Riley, with their beautiful looks and temperament, our waiting list grew very long. Both Shamus and Riley and their "cousin" Wyatt, owned by Cindy's sister, are excellent ambassadors for Staghorn. Linda, Cindy and their family are the kind of people every breeder screens for and wishes their puppies to own. Thank you Linda and Cindy, (and Julie,) for your friendship and your dedication to your Staghorn dogs.

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