Lindenhall's Sunny Weather (Sunny)

(Ch. Lindenhall's McIlwain Protege X Watertails Weather the Storm)


Sunny is a daughter of Mac. There's not a sweeter dog with people than our Sunny. Sunny blessed Staghorn with 2 lovely litters a few years back. We sold Sunny to a good friend who is a breeder, on Prince Edward Island, who wished to attain her bloodlines, to replace his own girl who was related to her. Sunny had one litter there and just when it was time for Sunny to be bred again, our good friend Paul was on his final stages of his competition to join the RCMP as a canine handler. Due to these work commitments, it will be necessary for Paul to head out west for most of the Autumn. As Sunny is now 5 years old, and we both prefer to have our girls finish up breeding at a young age, in order that they may join a family and enjoy many years of the good life, Paul offered us to buy Sunny back and bring her back home. She came home to Staghorn to have her fourth and final litter. Sunny has a wonderful family eagerly awaiting her arrival at their home, after her babies are weaned. Sunny looks a lot like the rest of the girls of Staghorn who are related to Mac. She certainly has her dad's wide head, and is an excellent size for a female, very stocky. She has a very wide based, short tail. Even her face and expression are very much like Mac's. The pictures below show Sunny's little pot belly. The one on the top left shows how much she looks like Mac, that picture could pass as him.


Sunny 1
Sunny 2
Sunny 3
Sunny 4


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