Staghorn's Directfrom Tinseltown (call name: Tinsel)
(Ch. Staghorn's Jimmy Hollywood X Staghorn's Hollywood Gossip)

D.O.B. July 7, 2016

Oh, this little girlie is going to go places. Tinsel is like the starlett, bound for Hollywood. We are very pleased with everything about this one. She somehow avoided the kennel and went directly to the chesterfield, well adjusted and easy to train. She's quite a wiggle worm. Will try to get some better pictures of her standing. Watch for her in the limelight!

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Queenie as a puppy

Left: Tinsel (December 21, 2016); Right: Tinsel (February 07, 2017)

Queenie as a puppy

Left: Tinsel (January 13, 2017); Right: Tinsel (November 06, 2016)

Tinsel (February 05, 2017),